1. What is the biggest change, really?
    The biggest change is that the Indonesian Department of Education now recognizes our international programmes. This is very good news.
  2. Will this now mean that our students will no longer be required to do UAN?
    This is still a personal choice among parents and students, and both Simprug and Serpong will continue to offer if needed. UAN is still being offered, our programme still supports the National Curriculum requirements as we continue to grow and offer international standards in our school programme.
    Current practice in Jakarta is that the Indonesian Department of Education can issue an “Equivalence Letter” or “Surat Penyetaraan” to schools or their students who wish to study in local schools or universities. We will take advantage of this current practice.
  3. Does this mean that the National Curriculum is forgotten?
    No. Students will still study Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian Civics and Social Studies, with activities and integrated tasks to best facilitate grasping of these values and concepts in accordance to the Indonesian curriculum guidelines and standards. The students will participate in enrichment activities each term to enhance their understanding of these topics.
    This is because we must have a sense of our country’s traditions, customs and identity in order to become true global citizens and learners. We will also continue with Religion as this subject helps in the overall character-building of our students.
  4. Will the new subject combinations reduce time for some subjects, such as IT, Art & Music, and History? How will these subjects be implemented?
    The new subject combinations will enable a more rigorous programme to help students be more competently prepared for Cambridge A Level, with wider choices and pathways for students. Yet still making it possible for students to sit for UAN should they want to.
    The competencies of certain subjects are grasped by students as they are integrated in the learning process of other subjects, e.g. the usage of ICT through project works of Math, Science.
  5. If we have candidates from overseas/ other international schools, do they need “Equivallence Letter” or “Surat Penyetaraan” from DEPDIKNAS?
    “Equivallence Letter” or “Surat Penyetaraan” is required for every student having studied abroad to be accepted in Indonesian School if they intend to join UAN.
    The students who opt for the choice of not joining UAN, do not need to have “Equivallence Letter” or “Surat Penyetaraan”. (Parents are required to submit a statement letter that their child will opt for the choice of not joining UAN).


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