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Early Childhood Years - Elementary


Adrian Rizkie Indrawan (grade 6B)
I enrolled in BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong because I believe I can get a good education here. I also know that the school has a strong foundation (such as it has different directorates that can help each other).

Muhammad Agung Widodo (grade 6A)
I enrolled here because all the people we asked said this school is good. I heard it is interesting and it is one of the best schools here in Serpong.

Ariq Gilang Narendra (grade 6B)
I enrolled in BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong because it has an International curriculum and complete facilities.
Chloe Nadine Mak (grade 6B)
I enrolled in BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong because it is near my house as well as my brother also studies here.
Naurah Humam Alkatiri (grade 6B)
I enrolled here because it has a good education system.



Ibu Sri D. Tantrisari
Mother of Imran Rizki Putranto (grade 2) and Khalid Wahyu Hartono Putranto (grade 7)

I believe that BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong as an Institution is an all rounded holistic place for learning. It offers top quality education with complete school facilities, all of which contributes to create a comfortable nest for our children.
In line with its School Vision and Mission, it does not stay stagnant but seeks to change for improvement from time to time.

Ibu Surtikaryani Muktidarmi
Mother of Julius William (grade 1) and Febrisius Kevin (grade 3)

We believe in BINUS’ credibility and commitment as a group of educational institutions. It has long established itself nationwide and has a proven track record in producing qualified graduates.
As an International School, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong offers best value education with fees which are far more reasonable than other international schools in Jakarta. BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong has complete and proper school facilities to support all the learning programmes and activities for the students.


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