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Middle School - High School


Prinka Anandawardhani (grade 9E)
I was attracted to BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong’s vision of “Vibrant, Innovative, and Caring Community”.
I have not been disappointed. The education, subjects, and everything are so beyond the standards of previous schools I have attended.
This makes me feel proud being a BINUSIAN. Besides that, friends here always cooperate with each other and we have professional teachers that are strict in class, but friendly outside. This school is serious in helping us be their best, disciplined and successful.

Alicia Ti (grade 9E)
This school is a community of wonderful teachers, students and non-teaching staff that are amazingly kind and hard-working.
I especially like the curriculum and the various teachers from various countries. I’m also excited to meet new friends and blend with each other. In BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong, we can achieve all our goals together while enjoying and having fun at the same time.



Ibu Ita Siregar
Mother of Theodore Siregar (grade 10)

In the fast changing world, we have to choose a school that could prepare our children to adapt well and succeed. We are convinced BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong can meet the needs of our children. The curriculum, teaching staff, customised programme and expansive physical facilities will give the best education to our children, helping them to improve intellectually, socially, aesthetically, physically and morally.

Ibu Jamila Irawati
Mother of Adrian Rizkie Indrawan (grade 6), Billyandra Rifki Indrawan (grade 7), Carmellia Indrawati (grade 12)

The BINUS Foundation has been around as an Educational Foundation for a very long time. The BINUS Foundation has consistently seeking to provide an excellent and competitive education system in all of its institutions. This quality education is available from Early Childhood right up to local and international universities. The international flavor of education that the BINUS Foundation and its institutions offer is greatly enhanced by strategic collaborations with world class overseas institutions and companies. This benefits all BINUSIANS through opportunities for further studying and job placements.
Following my belief, I am sending my three children to BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong to study because BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong offers an excellent academic and non academic curriculum as well as unmatched campus and physical facilities. I have observed that the staff’s are highly committed and passionate towards education and nurturing their students. I have no doubt that the School will be able develop their students to be vibrant, innovative and globally-oriented individuals who are ready to engage the world.


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