Policies and Procedures


Learning Resource Centre General Rules

·         Silence must be observed at all times.

·         Use of mobile phones are not allowed inside the LRC.

·         The computers are for research purposes only. Proper use of the computers should be observed. Non-education related site (including games and adult-content) are prohibited. First-come-firstserved policy is observed.

·         The LRC is not a venue for gatherings or meetings other than classes guided by teachers.

·         Students are allowed to use the LRC during class hours if they are accompanied by a teacher or if they have a Hall Pass from their subject teacher.

·         The students should leave their belongings except their valuables at the bag counter before entering the LRC.

·         The librarians are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings left in or outside of the LRC.

·         All LRC resources must be returned on the set deadline for clearance purposes.

·         Keep the library clean and organized at all times.

·         Loitering, littering, sleeping, drinking, eating, running, playing and using mobile phones are not allowed inside the LRC.

·         Only students, teachers & staff are allowed to enter the LRC. Parents and visitors are not allowed.

·         Students may be requested to leave the LRC for disruptive behaviour and/or disobedience of any library rules. 


Guidelines in Borrowing of Books
* A student is allowed to borrow a maximum of three (3) books from any of these sections: home reading, fiction, and non-fiction.
* A student is allowed to have a single extension if the book is not reserved within a week it is not borrowed. Online book renewal can be made also by logging in to the LRC website.
* Borrowing status and history can be viewed anytime by logging in to the LRC website.
* Book reservation can also be made through online.
* Private message for books which will soon be overdue, overdue and outstanding book fines can be views in student and parent desk anytime. An automatic notification email is also sent to student’s Binus email address.
* Private SMS message will be sent to parents or students who have a 6th day overdue.
MS-HS = to student’s mobile number
ECY-EL = to parent’s mobile number
* Reference materials such as encyclopedias and dictionaries are not allowed to be checked out.
* The LRC only charge overdue fines for books.
Rp 2,000.00 = ECY/ELStudents
Rp 3,000.00 = MS/HS Students
is charged daily except on weekend, school break, and national holiday.
* A student cannot borrow books if he or she have an unpaid fines. The librarian will give four week grace period for the student to return the book. There is a fine during grace period. Librarian will remind the student by sending a letter acknowledged by Homeroom Teacher in the 2nd week of the grace period
* Books which are not returned in twenty school days after due date will be considered lost
* Lost and/or damaged resources must be paid with the current amount&15,000 admin fee or replace the item with the same book title and ISBN.
* LRC borrowing privileges will be denied until all loans are cleared.
* Students are not allowed to borrow books on behalf of a teacher.
* All learning resource must be returned at the end of the semester for clearance purposes.
* Progress report and/or other official documents will not be released unless all outstanding loans or penalties have been cleared.
Borrowing Procedure
1.    Choose a book from the shelves
2.    Go to the circulation desk (Borrowing)
3.    Show your Binus ID and the book to the librarian
4.    You can now take the book and read at your home for one week.
Returning Procedure
1.    Go to the circulation desk (returning)
2.    Return the book to the librarian.
3.    The librarian will check in the book and will tell you if the transaction is completed. If the book is overdue, pay the corresponding fine.
Online Book Reservation
The Online Reservation Service allows the students and school personnel to reserve books through the internet. Only one book reservation per student is allowed.
Books reserved during LRC service hours (7:00am – 4:30pm) can be claimed the following day from 9:00am – 4:30pm.  Books reserved after class hours, (4:31pm present day until 6:59 am next day) can be claimed the next day from 9:00am – 4:30pm only. Books will be reserved for one day only. If the book is not claimed on the specified date, the reservation will be forfeited. 
Reservation can be cancelled by logging in to the library website by entering the Binusian ID number and password and click cancel reservation. The system will automatically block your reservation privilege of those students who make repeated unclaimed reservations (Five unclaimed reservations). 
Procedures for Reservation
1.    Go to the LRC website of BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong
2.    Type in your Binusian ID number and Password in the log in section
3.    Search for the books that you want to reserve using the Web OPAC
4.    Click Reserve to hold the material for you
5.    A confirmation message will appear showing the details of your reservation including the time of its availability.
Book Loan Limit
A student is allowed to borrow three (3) books for one week. A student can renew/ re-borrow the material if no one else reserved for the book.
1. (3) days before due date notification
3 days before due date
*Binusian Email
2. (1) day before due date notification
1 day before due date
3. Overdue book reminder
1st day – 20th day overdue
Received until settled
4. Unpaid Fines
Received until settled
5. Book request status
At once
6. Borrowing a book notification
At once
7. Returning a book notification
At once
8. Online receipt
At once
9. SMS Notification
6th day over due






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