LRC General Rules

1.   Silence must be observed at all times. 
2.   Use of mobile phones are not allowed inside the LRC.
3.   The computers are for research purposes only. Proper use of the computers should be observed. Non-education related site (including games and adult-content) are prohibited. First-come-first- served policy is observed.
4.   The LRC is not a venue for gatherings or meetings other than classes guided by teachers in the audio-visual room.
5.   Students are allowed to use the LRC during class hours if they are accompanied by a teacher or if they have a Hall Pass from their subject teacher.
6.   The students should leave their belongings except their valuables at the bag counter before entering the LRC.
7.   The librarians are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings left in or outside of the LRC.
8.   All LRC resources must be returned on the set deadline for clearance purposes.
9.   Keep the library clean and organised at all times.
10. Loitering, littering, sleeping, drinking, eating, running, playing and using mobile phones are not allowed inside the LRC.
11. Only students, teachers & staff are allowed to enter the LRC. Parents and visitors are not allowed. 
12. Students may be requested to leave the LRC for disruptive behaviour and/or disobedience of any library rules.



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